For those of you that are thinking about purchasing our Attractant 10 Pheromone Spray to drive women wild for sex, here are the instructions for use:
ATTRACTANT 10 - Instructions for Use
Attractant 10 is a strong male pheromone designed to be used on fabrics by men to attract women. It is not a perfume or aftershave. It is not made to be used on the skin! The BEST way to use, for efficiency and longest lasting effect, is to spray it on something that is not frequently washed or dry-cleaned.
WHERE TO SPRAY - Clothes: Best to spray just above the cuff on your shirts and around the collar (If sprayed on natural fabrics, it will last up to ten days). Also, ties and coat lapels.
Drive Women Wild for Sex with Powerful Pheromone Cologne
HOW MUCH TO SPRAY - 2 to 3 seconds overall is sufficient. Too much Attractant 10 will be detected as a bitter, musky odor and may have a repellent effect, so don't over spray.
CLEANLINESS - Other smells, body odors, greasy hair, perfumes or tobacco smoke may mask the effect of Attractant 10.
HOW WILL OTHERS REACT? - Other men may prove hostile towards unexpected competition from the Attractant 10 user. Attractant 10 however, will attract women to you. It is then up to you to seek to talk and make her feel at ease, thereby confirming to her subconscious self, what her subconscious is already indicating.
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