The Cardinal Rule of Life - "Never stay where you are not appreciated."

This applies to all phases of life - jobs, sports, and social activities - but it especially applies to dealing with single women.

If a girl is not interested in you, then that is that. Nothing you can do is going to change it. Don't waste time with people who aren't into you. Even if she looks like the girl of your dreams, it will lead nowhere so move on. By hanging around this girl, you portray an image to her and everyone else that you are a person who is found unattractive by women. And worse, you are used to it. After all, if you had other women who were attracted to you why would you be hanging around her?

When are you not being appreciated? When you are the only one putting energy into the relationship. You are the glue holding the whole thing together. She is neither showing nor giving any effort or energy towards being with you. She's not making herself available to get together. She lacks enthusiasm. In sum, when trying to get something to develop is a struggle.

If you experience these symptoms and recognize the lack of "magic" present when two people are mutually interested, don't try any remedies - just leave. Don't make a speech, or a scene, or an issue. Simply bow out gracefully and pursue girls who are interested in you. You will be doing yourself and everyone else a big favor.