The word "relationship" encompasses everything from a marriage to a junior high steady. Even if we were able to narrow our scope to one type of relationship, the myriad of people, personalities and situations would make it impossible for us to write a fool proof formula on "maintaining a relationship." What we have done is compiled a list of hints and advice to help you keep a relationship strong, and we start the list with the most important hint of all: "Stay on your toes. Complacency has killed more relationships than any other sin."

Don't forget, she has fallen for you, but also she has fallen for an image she has of you. This image of you may have been formed because you were putting your best foot forward, or it may even be thru no fault of your own. It's common for people to want to see their partner in as good a light as possible in the early stages of a relationship, preferring to dwell on that person's attributes and ignore their shortcomings. In other words, she may have been hoping for Prince Charming, and you happened to walk into the room. Regardless of how she formed her image of you, she has one. And at the early stages of a relationship it is probably good. It now is your job to make sure that you maintain a good image in her eyes. We are certainly not advocating that you base a relationship on a facade. What we are saying is that you have to be infinitely aware of how a woman sees you, and what it is about you that have attracted her. Most importantly, as time goes on you must make sure that she does not become disenchanted because you have failed to present your best side.