First of all, put yourself in a favorable position to meet topless dancers by following my guidelines in Chapter Two on the "hot spots" in topless clubs. Your main objective in meeting topless dancers is to not become a customer or let her treat you like a customer. You don't want to be someone that she just makes money off of. If you follow my advice in this book, you can become her lover and a friend and not just another customer she manipulates for money. That's what this book is all about and that is to give you an edge on meeting and picking up topless dancers.

Your game plan in meeting topless dancers is to establish a friendship and conversation. Get to know the girl first. And you must act different than the other guys that come in the club. Most men act like a bunch of horny animals around the dancers. They show the girls no respect, proposition them for sex, and treat them like whores. I can assure you the dancers are turned off by this behavior. They just put up with it because it's part of the job.