Your conversation is the SECOND PHASE of your approach to a girl has three basic objectives:

1. Killing time by "small talk" to make the girl more at ease in your company.

2. Drawing the girl out to speak of herself.

3. Impressing the girl by talking in an exciting, interesting manner.

Generally, correct, polite, logical and serious conversation is best in business situations. But aggressive, frivolous, showy conversation is usually more effective when talking with girls. You should tend toward being an extrovert. If you can remember a time when you were very outgoing at a party or other occasion and impressed people, try to recapture that same spirit.

 It is a good idea to watch other men in conversations to see which tactics are most effective. Notice how many men talk too much on uninteresting things, and try to avoid this fault in your own conversations.

Also it is a good idea to note (even write down) effective jokes and expressions you may hear. Your source might be TV, comedy records, or other people you meet.

Your conversation should be a mixture. You should mix small talk, exciting subjects, interesting serious subjects, and sexy talk. Don't talk too long about serious subjects; break into something lighter. Be on the move all the time in your choice of subjects.