Now, I will discuss the best place to meet flight attendants, and that's on the ground. Particularly in the bars of hotels that have regular limousine service to and from the local airport.

Where  do  flight  attendants  hang  out  between flights? It may surprise  you but  usually they stick around  the hotels they stay  in. You might think they would  be  out  partying  till  the wee hours between flights. This is just not  so and here are reasons for this.

Being a flight attendant is not all glamour. It's a hectic physical  schedule and it  takes its toll  on the  body. For example, a  flight attendant typically works only a couple of weeks out of a month. She will spend up to six to eight  days at a time flying here and there  which  includes  within  the  United States or internationally. Then she will be off another six to eight days to recuperate her body from jet lag.

When  she's working  the stretch  and she  gets off work, she's usually tired and  catches a limo  for the hotel and then straight to the bar.  This is where you want to be to approach her.

OK, now you're in  the hotel bar and a  couple of flight attendants  walk in. By  the way, I  might mention  that  flight attendants  are  usually paired together when staying in hotels. Take your pick of the one  you want  to approach  and approach her. Keep in mind  that they are  there for a  few quick drinks and then  it's  off  to  the  sack  for  some shut eye and relaxation. You've approached her  and you open up  with, "Hi my  name is                Can I   join  you for  some  conversation?"  In most cases she  will say yes. Now you will follow up with your conversa­tional skills. Follow my techniques described in my chapter on conversation. Be sure  and  don't  come on  with a  lot of  B.S. about  yourself.  Revolve the  whole conversation around herself and her interests.  Try to  avoid talking  about her job. This  will probably turn her  off because it  may just seem like  one big long drag  for them.  It certainly won't hurt to sympathize with her hectic  schedule and duties such as cleaning up air sickness bag overfill.

You're  hitting it off real well with this flight attendant now. Hopefully, if she is with another flight attendant, the other attendant  will excuse herself to head  for the room to get some sleep. Once she's out of sight say, "I  have a nice warm bed, clean sheets, and a potent nightcap at  my place. So why don't  you stay over at my place tonight?" "I'll sleep on the couch and you can have my bed if you like."

Your  own  your  way  now  to  total  heaven now, providing she accepts your invitation.

The  next  morning  you'll  probably be up early. Don't  be surprised  if  she's  a  little  grumpy  and irritable when she gets up in the morning. Her body and mind  are just depleted from jet lag and being on her feet. Just be warm and affectionate towards her.

When you drop her off at the airport, be sure and give her your business card (if you have one) and your home  phone number.  This way  the next  time she is in town she  can give you a  call if she would  like a nice warm bed for the night and some hot passion.

One sad  final thought.  She may  disappear out of your  life for long periods  of time. Just accept this because it's a fact of life. When you least expect it, she  will call and  say, "I'm in  town on a layover and I'm just  dying to see  you!" What she  probably really wants is some good food, conversation, and sex. So why not give it to  her, even though it's most  likely not going to lead to something serious.


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