First of all, I will describe topless clubs, broken down into three different tiers:
The Top Tier are the high-class, high cover charge, exclusive gentlemen's clubs. They are very crowded, full of rowdy, horny men and have a huge number of dancers all moving over a large number of stages and circulating constantly. Many of these clubs may have a large proportion of the girls working varying degrees of prostitution on the side and it may be difficult to arrange a date in the traditional sense. Also, the girls seem to be under a lot of pressure to keep on the move and hustle drinks or dances. I'm not saying to stay away from the top tier clubs, but you will have much better luck at meeting and picking up topless dancers at the second tier clubs described next.
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The Second Tier clubs are still nice but quieter and usually less crowded, which is to your advantage. There will be less men, which means less competition. Although the dancers are not usually as good-looking as the crowded club, there are still a number of outstanding lookers who don't like the pressure of the big clubs. From my experiences, it's best to focus all of your attention on the Second Tier clubs. You will score much better.
The Third Tier clubs are low-class and somewhat seedy. The girls are usually not very attractive, mostly blue collar clientele and the atmosphere is not very good. As far as topless dancers go, you will meet some real losers here. So, in my opinion I would recommend avoiding third tier topless clubs. If you do insist on going to these clubs, be prepared to meet some dancers with some really screwed up heads.