Isn't it amazing how some guys have all the advantages in life such as a good education, experience, knowing the right people, etc. - but with all this going for them they never amount to anything in life.
Then there are guys who have to struggle for everything they get in life and reach incredible heights in life. What sets them apart? It's determination and the will to succeed.
And it's the same principle at work in succeeding with women. If you have the will, backed with faith, desire, and persistence, you will find a way to meet, date, attract, and seduce any woman you desire no matter what obstacles you encounter.
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It's going to be up to you though to create that burning desire deep within your soul to succeed with women. I can't create it for you. All I can do is motivate you to get up off your ass and take action. And if you don't set the seduction wheels in motion, your love life is going to suffer and the competition is going to be having all the fun and romance with women.