I realize it could be expensive to just rent a room for a day, in hope of meeting women. However, it could pay off in big dividends. What you can do to cut down on expenses is to share the room with a couple of your buddies and all three of you go woman-hunting.

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Hotels and motels are great places to approach the world's easiest target for a casual affair (the woman on a business trip or vacation). She's more relaxed and casual and she's away from the prying eyes of family, friends, and neighbors. She will let her hair down and she doesn't have to worry about her reputation or what people think, being that she's away from home.

The best places to approach women are at the pool, club, or restaurant.

In conclusion, I might add that if you don't want to rent a room, you can still meet women at hotels and motels. The clubs are open to the public, so it's free game in there and it's a good place to hang out and meet out-of-towners. Also, you can drive to a hotel or motel in your bathing suit and hang around the pool and strike up a conversation with all those women. Be sure and bring a change of clothes with you in case you want to go somewhere afterwards.


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