90% of the battle of meeting women is a matter of putting yourself in the right position. This may sound too obvious to mention, but you will never meet a woman unless you put yourself in the right place to do so. There are many men out there who simply do not put out the time and effort to put themselves where they will find women. And when their social life never gets off the ground, they have only themselves to blame.

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The most common generality that women make about men is: "Men are all the same- either they are handing you a line to get laid or they want to get married." The quickest way to get a girl's attention is to make sure you don't appear to be doing wither of these. To be different from all the other men, don't ask a girl out the first time you meet her. Be friendly, interested in her and then walk away without a "come-on." She will be unsure of your intentions - which are just what you want. These are the basic principles for success when meeting women.

1. Be distinctive and different.
2. Don't be coming - on to her.

The methods of meeting a girl range from walking up and saying, "Hi, I wanted to meet you," to long drawn out elaborate ploys. With experience you will learn to read situations to be able to tell what would be the best method for that girl, that time, and that place.