1. Money - This is one subject she is obsessed with and that is making money.
2. Men and relationships - Women love to talk about men and relationships. You can really impress her by sympathizing with her on all the crap she has to put up with by the jerks in the club, (Guys hitting up on her all the time, getting propositioned for sex, men acting like dogs in heat, men treating her like a whore and showing her no respect, putting up with drunks, jealous boyfriends, men talking vulgar and crude towards her, etc.).

3. Cooking and dining out - Discuss your favorite recipes and your favorite restaurants.

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4. Music and concerts - Dancers love music, dancing, and going to concerts.
5. Drugs - They like to talk about getting high. Not all dancers take drugs but topless clubs are part of the drug scene. Some dancers need to take drugs to get high to take their clothes off.
6. Nightclubs - Most dancers love to dance and party at nightclubs. Discuss your favorite nightclubs to party at.
7. The beach - Most topless dancers like to lay out and get a good tan. Talk about your local beach scene.

If you discuss some or all of these subjects, you'll never run out of things to talk about and your conversations will flow smoothly. Plus, you will make a powerful impression on her and attract her to you.

The more you can talk to her the better. Always keep the conversation flowing. This diverts her attention from trying to make money off of you. It also helps to establish a friendship. Remember this phrase when dealing with topless dancers. "Friendship first, lover second."