There are numerous organizations looking for voluntary workers. By doing volunteer work, you will most likely be exposed to and meet some nice women and you will be working together for a common cause. You just can't help but get to know women well when you're working together. This leaves the door wide open for forming intimate relationships.

There are plenty of activities that you can volunteer for. Examples are: Charity work, political campaigns, hospital work, crisis hot-line counselors, church functions, working with retarded and underprivileged children, telethons, carnivals, bazaars, teaching courses, party host, and many, many more.

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How do you find volunteer work? Just check your newspapers. Here in Houston there's a special section in the newspaper listing organizations looking for volunteers, giving details and how to contact them. Keep your eyes and ears open for volunteer opportuni¬ties.

Volunteer for anything. Even if it's your job. Volunteer for special functions such as company picnics, dinners, banquets, planning company trips, recreation committee, etc. This will pay off in contacts with all those lovely women at work.