What Women Want in a Man

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 | | 0 comments »

Women are being barraged by media with examples of what a man is supposed to be. Of course, these examples are made more perfect than real life could ever be, but this is what women see, and men are being compared to an image of the perfect male - the consummate lover.
Women are no longer as dependent as they used to be. They have jobs and careers and can live comfortably on their own. So circumstances that used to keep women in a relationship no longer exit.
The effect of all this is that more women are now leaving relationships than ever before. We are in an era where the burden of proof is on the man. He must live up to the woman's standards of her image of what a man is supposed to be. If she is dissatisfied, then she is leaving him and looking for that perfect man.
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So you, as a man trying to be successful with women and trying to make a relationship work, must be acutely aware of what women want in a man. Building on what we have discussed in this chapter, we will now show you how you can present yourself and tailor your image to be appealing to women. Most of the tips and hints that we will present are very simple in their implementation, but large in their effect. Often, merely a difference in a choice of words will effect a major change in how women perceive you.
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