Picking Up Girls History

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We have now developed into a very liberal, permissive society. We are sure that everyone is aware of this; there is no need to describe the degrees of permissiveness. Picking up girls in public is not considered either unusual or unsavory by most peoples' standards.
But a few, particularly older people, still consider that it is not a "nice" thing to do. Fifty years ago, men who tried to pick up girls in public places were often called' 'mashers," and considered a nuisance. Older people find it hard to change their feelings on something like that. But this is today. If you feel the urge to pick up a girl, do it and few will take any notice, or care very much about it.
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The reason for going over all this old history is to show that picking up girls is not a new practice. It has been going on for hundreds of years. So don't feel alone, you are merely going down a path traveled by millions of other men before you.