This woman goes to nightclubs with one purpose in mind. To meet men and get approached by you. This is one of the easiest types to meet because there are no hassles involved. You meet, have a couple drinks and dance, and she's ready and willing to pursue the relationship further and she may even go home with you. She may come right out and tell you, "I want to make love to you" (don't get your hopes up on this one, it's very unlikely ) or "Lets leave and go to your place." An aggressive woman may scare some men off but don't let it bother you. Admire a woman having courage to go for what she wants.

Some of these women may be very active sexually and like to play musical sex partners. They need sex constantly and with a variety of sexual partners. It's nice to meet a woman like this sometimes, but most likely it will turn into a one-nighter. She wakes up the next day and gets dressed and walks right out of your life.

One possible drawback from meeting a sexually active woman like this is contracting a social disease. Of course, how are you supposed to know she has been sleeping with every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the city. You just have to be careful who you sleep with these days.

These types are usually easy to spot. They actively flirt and smile at the opposite sex and are extremely friendly. They will just stand around the dance floor where they encourage men to ask them to dance. They of course, may ask you to dance. I really admire a woman who takes the initiative to ask a man to dance. Some men are so shy about asking a woman to dance in the first place.

Also, I might add, these women usually come to the nightclubs alone. However, they come with a girlfriend occasionally. A woman alone will get approached more often by men. So, for the Man-Hunter, it's really an advantage for her to go to the nightclubs alone so she will be approached more frequently.