The last thought in this section is something that we have come to realize is a cardinal rule to be used in reading women. That is: WOMEN HAVE SEX WITH MEN WHO THEY WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH. At first, this phrase may sound too simple and obvious to have any wisdom to it, but let us expand on it. The meaning behind it is that if a woman decides that she would like to sleep with someone, she will pursue that person relentlessly. And on the other hand, if a woman has decided that she is not interested in sleeping with someone, no amount of pursuit or persuasion is going to move her. Many men have wasted their precious time and energy by ignoring this reality. We will discuss different applications of this rule in later chapter. We will show you how you can read women well enough to know whether or not to continue interest in her, or to bow out and put your energies into women where the odds of success are greater.
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On a final note to this chapter, we have a word on the Women's Movement and its effect on what women want. In the last ten years women have come to no longer be just looking for all that we have discussed - they are demanding it. Women are now openly comparing and judging men. Magazines with male centerfolds, male strippers and male exotic dancers are now a part of the women's world. Las Vegas shows now have men in "G" strings as well as topless girls. TV has more male sex symbols than females. Businesses that sell sexuality (be it advertising, TV, magazines, entertainment, etc.) are now catering to women, and women are buying it.
This article is an excerpt from our best selling book, "A Man's Guide to Women."


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