As the dating continues, you must continue to apply every principle we discussed in the section on your image. Be elusive, mysterious, hard to get, exciting - everything.

TIP #1 - Seeing a girl that you have just started dating, more than once a week is pushing it. Any more than once and you may be appearing over anxious. Even if she is the one calling you and initiating the effort to see you more often, don't. If she is calling you, then you are in the driver's seat. Play hard to get and make her work for your time. She'll appreciate you more when she has it. And don't feel guilty about turning her down. Simply say, "I'd love to but I'm busy tonight." No more explanation should be given. Let her sweat it out. It is important that when you turn her down, you express the fact that you definitely want to do things with her, but you are just too busy with prior obligations to see her that night.

TIP #2 - Never hangs on the phone for hours as if you have nothing better to do. Call, be pleasant, get the purpose of the call over, and excuse yourself.