1. She asks your age - Always be honest and tell her your age.
2. She asks you if you go to topless clubs much - Always answer, "Very rarely." You don't want her to think that you cruise topless clubs all the time looking for topless dancers to pick up.
3. A dancer asks you for a dance - You tell her, "No" and she will ask why. Always answer, "My previous girlfriend was a stripper and I understand how you make your money. I would rather buy you a drink and talk to you and get to know you better. If you need to leave and go make some money I'll understand. After you've made your money come back over and party with me."

4. A dancers age may come up - She may ask you: "Guess how old I am?" or "How old do you think I am?" Always tell her 23 or 24. Why? Because if she's younger it will be a compliment to her that your thinking that she's more mature. Of course, if she's older it will be a compliment to her, you thinking that's she's younger. Women have this dread of getting older.
5. You ask her if she has a boyfriend - She says she does. You counter her answer with telling her that you have a girlfriend too, but let's get to know each other and become good friends. Always ask, "How long have you been seeing each other?" If they have been dating a long time, it might be serious and your chances of scoring with her flies out the window.

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Of course, she just might be bluffing. She may tell all of the guys that to keep them from hitting on her. You will just have to figure out if she really has a boyfriend or not.

In closing, always answer questions honestly. If you get to know each other intimately the truth will come out in the open eventually. For instance, if she asks if you're married, don't try to hide it.