This is a hot activity that has swept the nation. The roller discos are particularly popular. They have light shows and a good sound system.

It may have never occurred to you that this is a hot spot for meeting women. Believe me, these places are abundant with women. A lot of them go to the rinks to have fun and meet men.

You might be saying to yourself, "I'd like to go but I don't know how to skate." Well don't let that hold you back. Skating is very easy and you will be able to pick it up rather quickly without lessons. Of course, with practice, you'll get a lot better. If you don't have skates, that's no problem. You can rent them.

If you're a good skater and you see a woman having problems, offer to help her learn how to skate. She surely will appreciate it and this is another good way to meet girls at the skating rink.