Does this describe you?

1. You don't feel you're capable of love because you don't believe that you're good-looking enough, intelligent enough, successful enough, or interesting enough to meet or attract any women.

2. If a woman shows interest in you, you believe yourself to be not worthy of her attention.

These characteristics are classic examples of low self-esteem. And low self-esteem can be a major roadblock to finding and experiencing romance.

In his book The Psychology of Love, the psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden makes an excellent point about low self-esteem: "It has been something of a cliche to observe that, if we do not love ourselves, we cannot love anyone else. This is true enough, but it is only part of the picture. If we do not love ourselves, it is almost impossible to believe fully that we are loved by someone else. It is almost
impossible to receive love. No matter what our partner does to show that he or she cares, we do not experience the devotion as convincing because we do not feel lovable to ourselves."

So, to overcome your low self-esteem, you've got to learn to love yourself. It won't be easy in the beginning, but with a lot of practice and emotional support from friends, relatives, etc. you will gain self-confidence with women and experience love and romance.