I need to alert all single men to a scam that goes on in some singles publications, swingers magazines, etc. that feature photo personals of beautiful single women that look like a Playboy Centerfold and the ad describes the woman of your dreams you have been looking for.

Here's how the scam works to rob you of your hard-earned money: Men buy sexy and beautiful models photos and place these pictures in publications and magazines with a personal ad. The personal ad describing her will really capture your attention. It goes something like this: Sexy, beautiful single long-haired, blue-eyed blonde,
buxom, 5' 5", 110 lbs., beautiful figure, long legs, 38-24-36, looking for serious relationship with older man, willing to travel or locate. Please write, I'd love to hear from you.

Then, unsuspecting men will answer these ads thinking this ad is for real and the beautiful and sexy photo of the single woman in the ad and the description is really her. NOT! This is really a guy that will write you back when you answer the ad.

So, what's the purpose of all this? I'm glad you asked. What he will do is pretend to be the woman in the personal ad and write you back coming on all hot & heavy to you in the letter and without even knowing you they will want to fly down to meet you. All you have to do is send them airfare and travel money. Do you smell a rat yet?

Some lonely desperate suckers fall for this scam and send the money. Guess what? The woman of your dreams never shows up and you've just thrown away several hundred dollars right down the toilet.

There are men out there pulling this scam and making a lot of money. It's not rampant, but I wanted to warn you that this type of scam does exist.

Don't be discouraged though because most personals with photos are legitimate. I just want you to use good judgement when answering personals of single women, especially the ones that look like beautiful models.

A real good dead giveaway that a personal is not for real in a lot of cases is that they will not give you their phone number and their address is a post office box. But, the main alert is if they come-on very strong in the beginning and ask you for money.

In closing, use common sense when playing the personals and take every ad and photos of sexy beautiful centerfold-type single women with a grain of salt.