There was a time when dating was considered as an immoral thing but now the era has changed and it is considered as the need of the time. People do what their heart says. Heart is given privileged over the mind as it guides through the passage of love and that is what a person desires. According to their own desire, it is usually seen that most of the old men do not try to find the date of their age mate but they go for the younger girls who can give them a reminder of their previous years they have passed as golden period of their lifetime.
Research has revealed that this is not only the case with men. Even young girls try to seek the company of older men who can guide them perfectly and take a good care of them. This task of finding the partner of your own choice has been made easy by the arrival of online dating websites where you can find your desired partner in a nice and easy manner. For the sake of dating, you do not have to dress up properly. You can just switch on your computer and you can have a date with your loved one. The ease with which a person can find his date online has revealed many things including the choices of youngsters. On the basis of the results of different surveys that were conducted by such websites, it is said that mostly couples having younger girl and old men enjoy good time as compared to age mates.
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People find it really awful if they get to know about a marriage in which a 20 years girl has married to a man of 40 years age. But this is a fact that girls find old men more attractive as compared to their age mates and it has been seen that in most of the cases such couples live a pretty happy life. Hence, it will be unwise to say that this is an unhealthy trend. The youth body and charming looks of a young woman also attracts the older men and that’s why they love to find a young lady. Hence as a result of their mating, a strong relationship can be built that is long lasting and is sincere. However some cases can give deviating results also.


  1. Anonymous // December 8, 2011 at 6:35 PM  

    Yes, it can produce very deviating results and destroy a man's life longterm if she is out for a "show child" and the child support. My heart was in it but she walked out the door unannounced Christmas Eve 2007 with our one year old. And it happened to me 10 years before that. Call me what you want. I loved them both and I thought they were wonderful until they just gave up for their own personal reasons. Be careful of all women these days. It ain't Ozzie and Harriet days anymore.