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A great fallacy, shared by many men, is that the best pick-up method is to catch a girl's eye, smile and maybe say , "Hi." " Then, if she responds, to follow up and meet her. This does work, of course, and any time a girl gives you a "come on" whether you made any friendly gesture or not, you should follow through, if you find her attractive. But the big mistake is to assume that because she didn't return your smile, she will not be interested in you.

As we have already explained, many girls (if not most) do not believe in smiling back at strangers. This is particularly true with very attractive girls. In the past they have probably been bothered a lot by all kinds of guys annoying them. So they adopt an unfriendly, aloof attitude in public which acts like a "hands-off' sign to keep off unwelcome attention. Nevertheless, they may still be available, and receptive, to a nice, friendly approach by an interesting man. So, to follow up only with girls who smile back is really quite foolish.

This is an excerpt from our best-selling book, "How to Talk to Women."