TIP #1 - SOME SINGLE WOMEN CRAVE A MAN WHO IS DOMINATING, "MACHO," AND EVEN JUST A LITTLE BIT CRUEL! - It's important to sensitively explore the unfulfilled needs of the woman you have met. At times, in the nature of being just a wee bit unpredictable and complex, you may act dominating, bossy, even slightly sadistic.

Watch her reactions closely when you do! If you see a glint in her eyes, a pleasurable submissiveness, a suddenly more positive response to you - you may be dealing with a single woman who has a masochistic need to be dominated and mistreated. If such behavior comes easy and natural for you, it can be exceedingly effective with such a woman.

TIP #2 - OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE UNCONVENTIONAL BEAUTY AND SEX APPEAL of the "plain-looking" single woman. Taste in beauty and sex appeal is often a purely subjective quality. Many single women whose faces and figures attract no public attention or enthusiasm may exert a provocative, tantalizing, even aphrodisiacal effect upon you personally...if you open your eyes and find those subtle elements in her which only you can appreciate and cherish!

TIP #3 - OCCASIONALLY BE UNPREDICTABLE! Many women, however much they value reliability and security in their man, also tend to take for granted, and to undervalue a man who is too ordinary, too conformist, too dependably predictable. Don't do it too often, and don't hurt her needlessly, but occasionally demonstrate unpredictable and unexpected qualities.

Leave at least a slight touch of mystery and romantic secrecy about your innermost self. For example, suddenly take a trip without advance warning and write to her from your temporary distant stopping point. Take her on a date to some place she has never been before and which she could not have expected from your previous behavior.

Use your imagination to display other romantic touches of mystery and unpredictability. For example, you may suddenly send her a present which opens up a completely unsuspected but attractive facet of yourself to her admiring contemplation!

TIP #4 - LOFTY, DRIVING AMBITION IS ATTRACTIVE TO SOME SINGLE WOMEN. Spin beautiful dreams of the future for her, and weave her into them! Express your highest, most dramatic ambitions and goals to her. Express them vividly, as concretely and confidently as possible. Give her the feeling that she will go along with you and share the heights, the glory, the success, and your mutual happiness!