It takes two to tango. If you're a shy guy, learn how to read a single woman's seductive signals before you ask her to dance. Remember, shy can be very sexy!
Here are the top ten flirting gestures, body language, and actions that let you know a single woman is interested in you:
1) Eyebrow flash: She raises both eyebrows exaggeratedly for a couple of seconds, followed by a rapid lowering to the normal position. The flash is often combined with a smile and some eye contact.
2) Lip lick: Very common. Some women use only a single-lip lick, wetting the upper or lower lip, while others run the tongue around the entire lip area.
3) Short darting glances: Usually occurs in sets, with an average of three glances each.
4) Hair flip: She pushes her fingers through her hair. This can be one hand movement or more of a stroking motion.
5) Coy smile: She gives you a sort of half-smile, showing little if any tooth, combined with a downward gaze or very brief eye contact.
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6) Whisper: She leans over and speaks into her friend's ear, just like in junior high school.
7) Primping: She pats or smoothes her clothing, even if it doesn't need any adjusting.
8) Skirt hike: The hem goes up to expose a little more leg.
9) Object caress: Fondling keys, sliding hands up and down a glass, playing with toys or other things on the table. Very sensual.
10) Solitary dance: While seated, she moves in time to the music, with
her eyes on you.
This article was contributed by Deb Levine, author of, "The Joy of Cybersex."