She thinks she's hearing music, but she's being programmed by subliminal messages (concealed under music) to make her uncontrollably want to have sex.
Yes! Simply insert our "Mephisto Subliminal CD" in your (car-home-portable player). She will only notice music, but inaudible, hidden commands penetrate her subconscious mind to drive her wild with passion for you.
Drive Women Wild for Sex with Powerful Pheromone Cologne
The Proven Power of Subliminals - Erasmus University of Rotterdam and South Eastern University in the US proved subliminal tapes arouse women! In the US test sensors were placed in the CROTCH of college girls to measure excitement. The girls were exposed to harmless movies, but subliminal material with explicit sexual messages were hidden under the music.
The girls were unaware of the concealed subliminal sexual activity, yet their vaginas became HOT, WET and SWOLLEN preparing them for SEX! This test was repeated at Erasmus University with the SAME RESULTS: their vaginas swell and lubricate when exposed!
Sexual arousal is the key to her saying "Yes, I need it!" Our Mephisto CD's creates this sexual tension convincing her that she wants and needs sex with you. Mephisto's subliminal messages convince her she's aroused by you and she will do what ever it takes to reach an orgasm with you. That's why your CD makes her say "yes" before you ask!
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