I know what you may be thinking. Poetry is for wimps. All single women in general love poetry and one of the fastest ways to a woman's heart is using poetry. I can assure you that if you use poetry on her she won't think that you're a wimp. She will be impressed! When should you give her a poem? Give her a poem to remember you by when you meet women in nightclubs, at the beach, parties, near closing time at bars and nightclubs, or when you're leaving the club, etc. Here are some good poems to write on a piece of paper (try to avoid using napkins, use nice paper) to give to her:

To: ____________(her name)

It takes the Sun and the Rain,
to make the flowers grow.

It takes the Moon and the Stars,
to make the Heavens glow.

It takes a wish, and lots of hard work
to make a Dream come true.

And to make my Life really happy,
it takes a "Sweet" and "Lovely" girl like you!

* This poem below is my personal favorite poem that worked best for
me on single women in bars and nightclubs. Also, I used this poem
successfully on topless dancers in the topless clubs:

To:_____________(her name)

Some girls are nice,
Some girls are "Sweet,"
And some are "Dear as can be."
And once in a great while,
a girl like _____(her name) comes along,
Who happens to be "All Three!"

To:______________(her name)

You make me feel....
like something special,
because you are.

To:______________(her name)

I'll tell you my fantasy,
it's an evening for two,
anywhere...with you.