Hi guys, hope your love life is doing fine and you are meeting tons of new sexy single women. Here's some more great tips on where to meet women from one of our contest entries:
Be a groomsman at a wedding. First, you get to walk down the aisle with a bridesmaid who you get to meet and talk to at the rehearsal and wedding. Second, you're dressed better than most other guys there other than the groom. Third, every girl in the audience wishes that it was them getting to walk down the aisle with one of those handsome guys. After the ceremony it is easy to strike up conversations with women. Women love weddings. They are there thinking about relationships. And you as a groomsman look great and have the ethos of eligibility. I got to be groomsman in two weddings this year and found it a great way to meet women. I am now going out with a very pretty, smart and much younger woman that I met at a wedding.
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