Nice guys beware of the walking wounded single woman. These are the single women who, really, really need your friendship, love and support. She's just come out of a devastating break up. She's hurt and naturally all your instincts tell you to give. Give and keep on giving, because she's a woman in need, and you can't turn your back.
How can someone so badly hurt, ever be in danger? Besides she loves you. She says it over and over. She keeps saying how much nicer you are than other men she's known.
Soon, you're sleeping together. What started out as a friendship has become a relationship, and now you are attached. But beware of two things. Firstly be sure you yourself are not simply attracted to her because she is needy. That's not a healthy thing.
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But secondly, beware what happens when you have given of yourself so much that her self- esteem is now fully repaired, and she is finally over her bout of depression.
She's grateful to you. You were there when she really needed a friend, but now she wants some space. Soon she's talking about "moving on", and "putting her life back together" and it is obvious your usefulness is at an end. You have let yourself become the "interim man." The person, however innocently, she uses in order to deal with the break up.
This article was contributed by Michael Boniwell.