TIP #1 - Imagination is the thing that separates a great lover from a boring lover. Always be changing the sexual activities, the order you do them in, the location, the positions, and the time - never let yourself become predictable in your sexual activity. Surprise her with your spontaneity.

TIP #2 - Making love to a single woman at different locations can be very exciting to her. This means places different from the bedroom - be it in the shower, the tub, the kitchen, in front of the fireplace, on top of a mountain, or at a friend's party in the bathroom.

Making love somewhere different, especially if there is danger of being caught or a taboo involved, will excite and stimulate the woman. She will remember making love in the hot tub long after she has forgotten the 100 times you made love to her in bed.

TIP #3 - Educate yourself in the art of giving a body massage Have a scented massage oil handy. The best way to elevate your performance above that of other men is to give a woman a body massage after you climax instead of rolling over and going to sleep. Hopefully, it will lead to round two.