Women are attracted to a man that other women find attractive. To understand this trait, one has only to look at what it says about a man when he is with a woman.

1. He must have things going for him or she wouldn't be with him.
2. He must know how to treat a woman.
3. He is going to be hard to get - a catch. After all, there is more than one woman vying for his time.

If a man is with another woman, or has a steady girlfriend, it makes him safe. He is not out on the prowl. Women love to flirt, to express their sensuality and to test their alluring abilities. But women want to be able to do this without being "hit on" or "come on" to. So who better to flirt with, and to feel comfortable with, than a man who is safe. Though most women will deny it, women are very competitive. They love to prove the superiority of their seductive abilities by being the one to catch the man that all the women want. Women love to show off their date when they know all of their friends are envious. The lure of competing for the popular guy is strong indeed.

Being seen with a woman is probably the single most important thing a man can do to help his image. It says that you have things going for you, that you know how to treat a woman, and that you are a catch and it states all of this without uttering a single word. But how does this help you if you don't already have a girlfriend or a date? Throughout the book, we will show you many ways to be seen with women and many ways to suggest that women find you attractive - even when you don't have a girlfriend.

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