I need to make you aware of something when you are playing the personals to meet single women for love, romance, and a potential relationship. 9 times out of 10 if a single woman doesn't list her weight in her personal ad, she is very likely to be overweight or even grossly obese. Plus, you need to be aware that when they do list
their weight it may be a lie to try and hide the fact that they are overweight.

Of course, if you don't mind dating overweight single women then it's not a problem if they don't list their weight or lie about their weight. And I commend you for the ability to accept a woman as a person and not judge her according to her looks and weight.

But, if you're picky and desire a slender woman, I would advise you to ignore any personal ads where they don't list their weight.

Let me make a few comments about men who won't date single women that are overweight. I really don't think it's fair being prejudice towards overweight women. Unless they have a medical problem they can lose that weight and become the woman you desire. Also, overweight single women are hungry for attention and love because they sometimes get passed over in favor of more slender women.

Also, there's another issue which I don't think is fair. There are guys that are overweight with big potbellies that only want to date slender and pretty women and are turned off by overweight women like themselves. Well, I think they should take a good look in the mirror and picture how their gross-looking body can turn off single women.

It works both ways. There are a lot of single women who are turned off by overweight potbellied men. If you are overweight, I highly recommend that you get on a healthy diet and exercise regimen to trim down. It will help you to attract and seduce more single women. Besides, it will give you a lot more energy and it's good for your mental and physical health.

In closing, I highly recommend that you don't overlook single women that are only 10-30 pounds overweight. This is not that much to lose to get to their ideal weight and when they do lose the weight they will really look hot & sexy and they will be very proud of their body.

Plus, women are overly sensitive about their weight and may feel grossly overweight even though they only need to lose 10-30 pounds. This can work in your favor when you show a lot of interest in them. This makes them feel needed and wanted and they will admire the fact that you can accept them as they are even if they are a little bit overweight.