Let me tell you, women are very attracted to men who wear a good cologne. I wanted to share with you the success with women one of my readers has with colognes. Here's his story:

I was eyeing your archives and came across the top 10 fragrances to seduce women, and decided to give some of them a try. I have always had good luck with Eternity, but it was that time, and I was in the market for something new. I went down to the local P.X. and sniffed around. My decision was exact! I chose Safari, and let me say, it works! ... here is some real quick history about me, I am a veterinary technician, so I have constant contact with beautiful women, and it helps that I work in a college town too... It didn't matter what I did today, women flocked! My boss even commented on it! Personally, I think it was the combination of the fragrance, and the confidence it gave me.