Did you ever wonder why some guys seem to have all the luck with meeting, dating, attracting, and seducing single women and lead a charmed life in the romance department?

If you were able to look a little closer into their lovelife and relationships you may find that outward appearances are deceiving. Id' be willing to bet you that they have had just as many failures, setbacks, and disappointments with women as you have.

There's probably one difference though, they have probably dealt with these problems differently. They don't get down on themselves or lose hope in meeting, attracting, and seducing single women because they've had a few unfortunate experiences with women. They have faith that things always work out for the best in their dating experiences.

When things don't go right for you in succeeding with women, it may be painful and difficult to accept, but you will learn from experience that if you refuse to accept defeat and rejection when dealing with single women, success with women will eventually follow. As long as you maintain your faith and hope, there can be no obstacles to you succeeding with women beyond your wildest dreams. Keep the faith!