If you play the "personals" I'm sure this has happen to you. You answer an ad of a single woman that sounds like the woman you have been searching for all your life for love and romance. You write her a real nice letter and enclose an attractive photo of yourself and you just can't wait to here back from her. And you wait...and you wait...and you wait. You're wondering, what in the hell is going on? Why haven't I heard back from her? Well, here's the top ten reasons you have not heard back from her:
1. The woman prefers to call the guys that responded to her ad rather than write. She got a lot of responses and you are on the bottom of the pile and she has not gotten around to calling you. Be patient, she just might call you.
2. She may be on a long vacation or perhaps travelling on the job. Hang in there!
3. She may be ill or perhaps had to have some surgery.
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4. A former boyfriend has come back into her life.
5. She is a chronic procrastinator. She may put you off for a long time or not even respond at all.
6. She's very busy with work, family, community activities, etc. and does not have much time to respond to ads.
7. She received just too many responses to her ad to handle and she only responds to the ones that hold the most promise and capture's her interest. Maybe you just go left out.
8. Before she got your letter, she met someone else she's interested in that she met through her ad.
9. They are in no hurry to answer replies and just have not gotten around to answering your letter. It's not a high priority in their life to answer replies.
10. They are just not interested in you. Don't worry about it, rejection is a part of life. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, as the saying goes.
In conclusion, when answering personal ads of single women, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Answer plenty of personal ads and don't pin all your hopes on just one woman.