I've personally known two other guys who've done this and they're okay guys. And I don't think I'm all that bad myself. For example, how many "nerds" or "losers" do you know who practice karate, skydive, ride horses, and own their own businesses?
As for "desperate," well there have been times when I've been desperate for company, but I've had a number of lovers in my lifetime. I've even turned down women who wanted to be with me. I'm a little shy but I've usually done okay.
There are many reasons for a guy to use personal ads:
1. It may be that he can't meet single girls any other way.
2. But it may also be that he's really gorgeous and wants a chance to meet a woman who'll get to know him before finding out what he looks like.
3. It may be that he's shy.
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4. It may be that he has a busy career and has no other good way of meeting people.
5. It may be that he's got kids and doesn't have much chance to get out.
6. It may be that he has a hard time finding intelligent single women in his everyday life.
7. Or it may be that he's just trying something like this for the hell of it, just to see what happens.
Basically, there are many good reasons to use personal ads. There's nothing at all weird about a man using something like this. It's just one more way of meeting people, and a pretty good one if you do things right!
This article is reprinted by permission and is Copyright 1995 and 1996 by Dean Esmay.