Here are my experiences with long-distance relationships and why I prefer not to get involved in them:

1. Sooner or later, it's going to occur to the girls that she is missing out on a social life because of a spoken or implied commitment to you. She will subconsciously begin to resent you and trouble will follow.

2. You are probably passing up opportunities for involvement with other single women.

3. You are spending a fortune on phone bills and travel.

This invariably breeds aggravation, frustration, suspicion, anxiety and trouble. All this for a romance with less than favorable odds?

If you do become involved in a long-distance relationship with single women, then follow this advice:en

1. Don't forget. Your fidelity does not insure hers. Continue to pursue your social life and sex life. See other single women. Make yourself available.

2. The more intensity there is in the long-distance romance, the higher the likelihood it will burn out. Keep it casual and friendly. Friendships by mail can last a long time and who knows? Someday, circumstances may bring you together. It never hurts to keep your irons in the fire.

3. If necessary, pay her way to visit you. Never travel to where she lives. If you go to where she lives, you lose the home-court advantage. You are in unfamiliar territory around people you don't know, and you are being judged by her family and friends. It is a difficult situation to be in when you're trying to present your best side.