1. Your handwriting was very difficult to read. If you have bad handwriting, have your letter typed. If she can't read your writing, your letter is going straight to the trash can.
2. Your return address is a post office box and you don't give a phone number in your letter. Without a street address and a phone number, she may become suspicious that you are trying to hide something.
3. You screwed up in your letter by calling her "Babe" or "Darling" or "Baby" or "Honey," etc. These words are just too strong to use on a woman you don't even know.
4. Your letter was full of typos. Be sure and proof read your letter or have someone else do it. If you have a lot of spelling errors this is going to make you look like a real "dumb ass."
5. You mentioned that you like to give or receive massages. This statement has a sexual overtone to it and some women will think that all you have on your mind is sex. Don't mention anything about massages in your first letter to a woman.
6. Your letter was written on notebook paper or even worse, the paper is torn. Always use professional looking stationary with matching envelopes when writing to a woman.
7. Your letter lacked warmth and was very impersonal.

Well, I hope these tips help you figure out how you screwed up on writing your first letter when answering personal ads of single women. If you will follow these guidelines, it will greatly improve your chances of that "dream girl" writing back to you.