In the past, the New Year was always a turning point in my lovelife. Here's what I would do every New Year's day:

1. I would always reflect back on the previous year and think about my failures with women. What did I do wrong? Where did I screw up? I would get a pen and paper and write it down. Then, I would make a commitment to correct my mistakes with women. This would really help me to do better with women.

2. I would think to myself, how could I be a better and more loving person towards women? How can I be more romantic and be a better lover? Then I would make the commitment to educate myself on improving myself in these areas? By focusing on these two areas, it literally turned me into a Don Juan. By being romantic and good in bed, I had women begging to be with me and you can too!

3. I didn't have this problem, but it can effect your chances of attracting and dating women. If you smoke, make the commitment to stop. Do whatever it takes, even if you have to see your doctor. Why? Because a lot of women won't even date a smoker.

4. I would think of new places to meet women and new ways to meet women. I would make the commitment to try new things like run a personal ad, go to single's dances, take a cooking class, ask my friends and relatives to set me up with a date, etc. Be bold and try new things. Don't just spend all your time hanging out in nightclubs and bars to meet women. Try something different and start now with the New Year.