Unfortunately you will run into these types at the nightclubs and in all areas of life. You have seen them in high school, college, at work, strip joints, etc. Just learn to recognize them and ignore and avoid them. I will give you some tips on how to spot them:
1. She wears very revealing clothes. She may even wear see-through material that exposes her breasts. She wears very tight clothes also. The non-teaser wears these kind of clothes to attract a man's attention, but the teaser wears them with the attitude of, "You can look but you better not touch." The minute you try to get physical with her or try to make advances toward her, she gives you the big brush off. Showing off her body is just to attract attention and nothing else.
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2.While dancing she looks more like an exotic dancer, thrusting her hips back and forth and shaking her breasts at you. She's doing this on purpose to turn you on and fool you into thinking she's and easy catch. The song ends and she says, "Thank you" and disappears into the crowd. Before you know it she's back up on the dance floor with another guy doing the same thing to him. She will do this with several men, never spending much time with any particular man. She gets her thrills by turning on as many men as possible on the dance floor, but has no intentions whatsoever of getting picked up or meeting anyone.
3. Here's one that really bothers you. You see this really hot and sexy woman flirting with you and really giving you the eye. You try to meet this woman and she tells you, "I've got to go to the restroom" and then she never returns. Another one is, "I've got to go look for my friend" and never returns. Later you see her in another part of the nightclub. She deliberately leaves the scene to avoid making any contact with any man, much less you.