These are topless dancers that hate men for various reasons. If they hate men so much, why would they be involved in a occupation where they are constantly exposed to men? They do it for the almighty dollar. That's why. I will explore the various reasons why they hate men.

1. Quite simply they are burnt out on men. They get tired of all the men talking crude to them, propositioning them as if they were whores, men acting like animals and showing them no respect, etc. Not to mention, having to put up with drunks and men with their brain between their legs daily. It all takes its toll over a period of time and they begin to hate men and don't even care to date men. Sometimes they even loose respect for themselves, which in turn makes them lose respect for men.

However, if you're patient and show them that you're different than the other guys and gain her trust maybe, you can undo some of the damage that has been done by all the jerks proceeding you. Just don't get your hopes up too high. You're better off pursuing the desirable type, described later.