We believe that it is useful to consider that the operation of a pick-up consists of three phases:

Phase I. The approach, opening lines and introduction.

Phase II. Familiarization. Getting to know each other. Establishing trust and liking. Getting Personal.

Phase III. Getting intimate. The process of moving from friend to lover.

Each of these Phases is a progressive step toward your final goal. As in baseball, you get to First Base, then Second Base, etc., etc.

You can actually make a mental note that you have completed one phase and are into the next. This gives you the feeling of progress and improves your confidence considerably. Instead of flying blind, you are now following a plan.

Another important reason for being aware of the phase you are in is that you (usually) should use a different approach in each phase. In the FIRST PHASE, we have found it is usually best to be polite, apologetic and accommodating. This is the time for: "Excuse me Ma' am," "I hope you don't mind me talking to you like this," etc.

In the SECOND PHASE, the apologetic attitude should be dropped completely. Now you are trying to impress the girl with your stronger qualities, such as decisiveness and courage.

In the THIRD PHASE your attitude can be adapted to your own personal preference, or the girl's reaction. In some situations a tender, understanding attitude may be appropriate. In others, a more aggressive attitude is desirable. In others, a casual, humorous approach would seem best. You must decide this yourself.

Remember, if you make your moves step-by-step, phase after phase, you should be successful.