If you don't dance, you'd better learn because a lot of women go to nightclubs to dance and have a good time. You don't have to invest a lot of money in private dancing lessons either. Many cities offer inexpensive dance classes with groups, or perhaps you have a female friend who will teach you.

You don't have to learn fancy dance steps. Just basic free-style dance steps will be sufficient. Besides, in a lot of nightclubs the dance floor is so crowded, there's just not enough room to do any of the sophisticated dance steps, especially on the weekend.

When approaching a woman to ask her to dance, whatever you do don't fondle her, paw at her body, or put your arm around her shoulders or waist. This turns most women off when a stranger starts pawing at her body. It degrades her and makes her feel like a piece of meat. Just simply walk up next to her and say with a smile, "Would you like to dance?" If she says, "No" just say, "OK." You might also say, "Thanks anyway" or even better, "Could I join you for some conversation instead?" Don't stand there and aggravate her by arguing with her as to why she won't dance with you. Just go on to the next girl and so on until you find someone to dance with.