Let me give you a few pointers if you're slow-¬dancing in nightclubs and by all means try to dance to every slow dance because of the physical contact involved.

Just as in fast dancing, immediately start introduction procedures. Open up by saying, "My name is_______ What's yours?

When slow-dancing, try to hold her as close to your body as possible. Gently now! Don't squeeze her like an octopus. When moving your right leg, gently brush her inner thighs. While dancing, gently squeeze her hand and see if you get any response. If you do, continue with the next step. Start rubbing her back with your hand. At this point if she starts rubbing your shoulders, neck, or back and starts grinding her crotch against yours, you are on your way.

At this stage of the game it's time to try and kiss her. Begin kissing her neck and work your way up to behind the ear, then the ear lobe, then kiss her on the lips. If you've gotten this far, chances are you're going to become intimate with her tonight, if not later for sure. If you have tried all these moves and you do not get any response, don't be concerned about it. Some women are reluctant to show any affection towards a total stranger. This is quite common, so don't jump to conclusions thinking that she's cold or not interested in you.