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Be sure and flirt with the topless dancers in every situation. She can be walking by, sitting at your table, on the stage, etc. Let her know you noticed her and are attracted to her. Develop a very sexy looking gleam in your eye along with a warm smile as described above. Literally try to melt a dancer with your eyes. Practice this special look in your mirror and use it to meet dancers.

If you make eye contact with a dancer across the way and she turns away, don't get discouraged. Keep trying to make eye contact and smile at her. If she smiles back, motion for her to come over and join you. If she comes over after smiling at you, this could indicate that she's interested in meeting you. Make sure that when you're flirting that you do not stare. This is rather impolite and most people don't like to be stared at. The dancers don't mind when you stare when they're dancing because this is to be expected. Otherwise, they would feel uncomfortable by you staring at them.