Why Do You Go to Nightclubs?

Robin - "To meet new people and to enjoy the music."
Kerry - "Because I love the music and I like to meet new men."
Erika - "Because I like the music and the people."
Valerie - "Because I like the style. I enjoy it very much. You learn new dance steps and I like to see how other people dance."
Paula - "I go to clubs to get away from everything and to have fun. It is a good way to let your emotions out."
Susan - " To have a good time, dance, and to meet people."
Gail - “Mainly to dance and enjoy good friends."
Debbie - "To meet men and to dance."

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Erin - "To meet men and to have fun."
Kim - "To meet new people and to be with my friends."
Nicole - "To dance, watch people, and meet men, but not for sex."
Barbara - "To party and have a good time."
Nancy - "To dance and meet people."
Natalie - "To dance and meet people, depending on my mood."
Gayle - "I love the beat of the music and I find it very exciting meeting and making new friends, both male and female."
Peggy - "To meet guys who dance good.
Teresa - "To get hustled by men. I enjoy all the attention."