Where to Find Women

Monday, November 12, 2012 | | 0 comments »

Women, like diamonds, are where you find them. The most obvious place for a man to go when he wants to meet a woman is out to a single's bar. But our observations have shown us that it is a particular type of woman looking for a particular type of man at the bar scene. We have found that if you are not the "macho" type, then your chance of success at a singles bar is probably not going to be very high.

So where do you go to meet women? Everywhere else:

At work - If you are in school and are looking for a part time or summer job, choose jobs where you'll be around a lot of women. The insurance industry hires almost 95% women. Restaurants hire a lot of women. You will run into a lot of women working at a grocery store.

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At school - Some academic majors attract many more women than other. Sociology, psychology, art, and the languages for example. A friend told us that since he was majoring in engineering. He never met girls at class, so each term he always took an easy course in psychology or sociology just to meet girls.

At play - Take up tennis, jogging, biking, golf, join a health club or a hiking club, and frequent the local pool. It makes no difference what it is, as long as women do it too. Someone told us that he joined an exercise class and the odds were 23 women to 3 men.

At the store - Grocery shopping, at the book store, at the library, at the department store. In other words, everywhere you go should become an opportunity to meet women.

Be open and ready for anything. No matter where you are at work, at school, at play, the store, be at your best and ready to meet someone. Even if you are not particularly interested in a girl, if she notices you, respond, smile, and say, "Hi." If nothing else, it is good practice. Go thru the routine of meeting her and responding to her. 1) She may have friends 2) It's good practice and after all, realistically, every girl is practice, and 3) It is important to get used to what it is like to be found attractive in order to develop the perception to read women's signals.