All this may sound unimportant. You may think that you can easily think of something to say. Well, if you are quick-witted enough, you may be able to. But otherwise it is best to have your ammunition ready. If you are inexperienced in trying to pick up a girl there is a lot of pressure on you. It often happens that when you try to think of something to say your mind comes up with a blank.

We believe that this "filler" talk is more important than the opening line, particularly for a novice. It is easy to learn a good opening line, and just stop a girl and say it. But men who have tried pick-ups unsuccessfully always say that the big problem comes after the opening line, when the situation becomes awkward and it just didn't seem appropriate yet to introduce themselves. What you are grasping for at that point of the operation is common experience with the girl. After all, if you already knew the girl you would have no problem finding something to say. You would have plenty of common experience to talk about. But you don't. She is a complete stranger. So one of the best subjects of conversation is the common experience you are having at that moment –your attempt to meet her. Some philosophical discussion of that subject fits into the situation very well (at that instant, anyway).