Can you meet and pick up touring feature entertainers? It's possible, but not likely. All you can do is try and you might get lucky. Look for these touring entertainers featured in topless clubs in your local paper or entertainment papers. They will list the show times and days of the show. These girls usually have shows that last a week and then travel to the next city.

Are these shows worth seeing? Yes, they can be very exotic, sexually stimulating, and very professionally choreographed. Sometimes, depending on the entertainer, the show can be long. Each of her shows generally last around 30 minutes. After each show she will usually have a booth or table set up to sign autographs, hand out her photos, take pictures with you, etc. You may even be able to arrange a private table dance for a inflated price. If you're really serious about trying to score with feature entertainers, go to her last showing which will be a little after midnight. Go directly to her booth or table after this last show and talk and flirt with her. If she has a boyfriend or husband on the road with her, forget about trying to score with her. You don't want to put yourself in danger.

If things are going well between you and her, just ask her out for breakfast or to join you for lunch the next day.