If you deliver your opening line to the girl knowing you have plenty to say afterwards (until you introduce yourself) you will be much more confident in both your initial approach and your opening line.

Now don't get the wrong idea here. We do not mean you have to ramble on at length before you introduce yourself. It should be a very short speech, at most 10-20 seconds. Sometimes it will not be necessary at all; it all depends on the girl's reaction. In many cases she will respond immediately to your opening line, in a friendly, warm way. You should then introduce yourself immediately. We are concerned more with the occasion where the girl is a little hesitant. You should only continue with the "filler" until she seems to be accepting the idea of meeting you.

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If your “filler" attempt makes you sound like you are struggling with the situation, it doesn't matter. If you are squirming somewhat, trying to justify your actions in trying to pick up the girl, this is fine. You are talking - that is the main thing -and she is listening. You are really not trying to convince her. She probably agrees with you anyway. When she shows signs of accepting your attempt to meet her, you should then proceed to introduce yourself. Your looking a little worried after your opening line is actually very good for your case. It makes you look more real, more believable. The girl tends to think, "This nice guy is worried about my being offended when he is trying to meet me. Yes! I do agree with him. He should be able to talk to me if he wants to." It tends to put her on your side, with the conventions of society the villain. She should then give you some encouragement, and you can introduce yourself. Unless she is unavailable, and she should tell you that quickly enough.

Really! Talk, talk, talk. Keep talking. That's what it's all about. So have your ammunition ready.